"Ireland, my Ireland.."

Have you come to sample the 'luck o' the Irish' ? Or maybe you want to decipher the mystery of the isle of Eire and it's people? Well good luck to yeh!! I've lived here most of my life and the people still amaze me.

Maybe you're just here for the 'Craic'

Whatever you're after I hope you find it.

The Emerald Isle has been voted the worlds friendliest place to visit
by Lonely planet 2008

The magic and mystery of this wonderful island lying between the furthest reaches of Western Europe and the Eastern seaboard of the USA never ends and most people can't get enough of the stunning scenery and breathtaking landscapes.

Ireland Scenery

What's the Irish weather like?
It's actually the Irish weather that divides people the most...
Ireland Symbols - What says Ireland to you?
What Ireland symbols are most familiar to you?
Celtic Symbols of Ireland
What Celtic symbols represent Ireland to you and what meanings can be applied to them? From the Celtic Cross to Eternity Knots, you'll find the answers you're searching for.
The four leaf clover
The luck that lies within the four leaf clover
The Irish National Anthem
Amhrán na bhFiann - The Irish National anthem - The Soldiers Song
The National Anthem of Ireland
The National Anthem of Ireland
The National Ireland Flag
The Ireland Flag, the Tricolor represents peace between the two tribes
Ireland facts - The things you should know about Ireland
Ireland facts - All you wanted to know about the magical Isle of Ireland
Fun Facts about Ireland
Some fun facts about Ireland - the important stuff so you can join in the Craic
Interesting Facts about Ireland
Some Interesting Facts about Ireland - Well I Never!! Some facts you may not have realised about this intriguing country
Famous Irish Sayings
Some famous irish sayings and proverbs from around Ireland, a few familiar ones, and ones you will no doubt never have heard before